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Vizsla Breeder, offering quality AKC Vizsla Puppies to great homes

Puppies Fully Guaranteed

Nicely Pedigreed
OFA Certified

Vizsla Puppies For Sale
'What a Wonderful World'

'Ready for Action'

'...It's A Dog's Life...'

AKC Puppies Available!

Vizsla Breeder Vizsla Puppies for Sale Vizsla Breeders VIzsla Puppy for Sale
Another Handsome Fella


Vizsla Breeder Vizsla Puppies for Sale Vizsla Breeders VIzsla Puppy for Sale
Look What Belle Found in Albuquerque

I'm Ready To Go!
Vizsla Breeder Vizsla Puppies for Sale Vizsla Breeders VIzsla Puppy for Sale
Beautiful Girls Love Vizslas

Vizsla Breeder Vizsla Puppies for Sale Vizsla Breeders VIzsla Puppy for Sale
Just Call My Bluff

Anchors Aweigh!!!!

Sunset Vizslas
Aires and Titus -- Relaxing in Pennsylvania

Sunset Vizslas
An Exciting New Life on Long Island, New York

Sunset Vizslas
A Great Vizsla Kiss

California Dreamin'

Vizsla Breeder Vizsla Puppies for Sale Vizsla Breeders VIzsla Puppy for Sale
Every Day Brings New Challenges
Vizsla Breeder Vizsla Puppies for Sale Vizsla Breeders VIzsla Puppy for Sale
On The Brink

I got it -- and I'm going to keep it


Take Five

Batteries Included
Vizsla Puppies For Sale
Little Miss Lily --
who learned early how to carry a large bird.

Maggie -- Doing What She Loves
Her Owner Says She Is AWESOME!
She was recently filmed by NBC to be televised Nationally.

Looking So Good -- Coming or Going

The Versatile Vizsla -- Dog of a Lifetime

Sami Vuitton -- earning a brand new Hunting Title

Two Gorgeous Girls --
Aimee and Phoebe

'Max' -- Now living with a 'Florida Beauty'

Lola -- Now Living with the Barefoot Contessa

Someone to Watch Over Me

We've Got Friends in Low Places

Sunset VizslasNumber One UKC Vizsla ChampionSunset Vizslas
Lionhounds Designer Girl

Sunset Vizslas
T-Bar Country is proud to have acquired the 2010 Number One UKC Vizsla --
Champion Lionhounds Designer Girl.
Thank you Cheryl Lantz for making this possible.

Circus Time

Heaven On Earth
Placi Arrives In Houston

Wrigley Arrives in Denver

Ruby arrives in Fort Worth.

Sunset Vizslas
The Kangaroo Kid

T-Bar Country Vizsla T-Bar Country Vizsla
T-Bar Country Vizsla T-Bar Country Vizsla
Girlfriends Are Forever

T-Bar Country Vizsla
'Talk of the Town' Miss Lily of New Hampshire

Gypsy - Climbs the pool ladder,
jumps down onto the raft,
and then enjoys the Good Life

Decisions, Decisions...


Sunset Vizslas
Miss Haley --
Looking Over Central Park
T-Bar Country Vizsla
Reuben --
Looking Over His New Territory in New England
T-Bar Country Vizsla
Casey --
Living the Good Life -- in Colorado


Baylor --
Enjoying Life in Maine

Fenway and Boone


Tennessee's own Buddy

The Fitting of the Tutu

Move 'Way Over' .... Here Comes Duke!

It's Always Playtime with TJ
Sunset Vizslas
It's Treto!!

Sunset Vizslas
And the Winner Is.....


Miss Sierra --
What a Day for a Boatride!!

Wearing a bowtie
and waiting for Santa

Oklahoma's Own Maggie Mae

Sunset Vizslas

Trick or Treat

Merry Christmas

Penney with Pike's Peak in the Background

Mika Meets The Atlantic

Are These Bear Tracks?

And Now We Both Turn Heads

Spa Day for Sophie

Zoey's Arrival In Colorado

Friends Forever

Moving On

Growing up in Washington State

Growing up in the Northeast

Growing up in Chicago


Newest Members of
New York Daycare

T-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers


Dezel Loving The Lakes Of Michigan

Sunset Vizslas
Dad Steve and 'Me'
Sunset Vizslas
I'm Nominating them Parents of the Year?

Sunset Vizslas
I Have a New Friend

Wonderful Carolina Arrival

Congratulations to Adrienne --
recipient of Good Citizen Award

Perfect Match -- Jim and Payton

Summertime -- And the Living is Easy......

New Texas Two-Stepper

Trouble in Texas

Arrived in time for a
California Christmas

Already a titled Hunter, he's now going for Agility
competition....... and I'm betting he'll make it!!

Quincy --
Sooo Easy to Entertain

I do believe my name
is on this package

I'm a '10'

Jezebel's First Fishing Trip

Perfect New Mom in Colorado

Mason -- Giving Lots and
Lots of Kisses

My New Name is Gertie
(and I don't think I like it)

Exploring the Everglades

Whoopee -- Beach Day !!

Let's Go Cruisin'

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

A Glorious New Home in 'my' colors

Memories Are Made of This

We 'Go' on the Count of Three

America The Beautiful
The Leaves of Brown Came Tumbling Down....
Ohio's Miss Sierra

Folks -- It Doesn't Get Any Better!!!

Ranger snuggling with his
brand new Grandmom

I live in Utah with an attorney
(He thinks I'm smart too)

Daisy Duke in Great
New Home

I Have Moved To Texas where everything is bigger.

Seeing Double

Elvis--Riding the Rails in Tennessee

Sally and her family in Connecticut

Move All Trees -- I'm coming Down...

Just Recharging

Sierra Arriving In New Home

I Think I'm In Trouble

So........ This Is Maine!!!!!


I Live With A Bird Hunter In Atlanta

Hot On The Trail --
of Something Really Big !!!

Let's Roll

Naptime for Everyone

I Live In Florida & I'm Used To BIG Waves !!

Now This Is Living!

Ranger 'spotting a duck ' at the New Hampshire Vizsla Club Outing

Chicago's Own Miss Fenway

My new name is Dib Dab

I Just Flew To New York --
All By Myself

I Never Dreamed I Would Have My Own Horse

Chip -- Now A New Yorker

Ari and Prince Harlan

Maya's Safe Arrival In Newark

Line Forms To The Right

Dog Days of Summer

The Hideout

Sidewalks of New York

This young man is 'very brave'

The Lovely Miss Ruby

Isis -- Looking Soooo Nice in Denver

The Camera Looks Scary

A Good Vizsla Wears Many Hats

Stay Quiet -- and Let's Go For It!!

The Snowdog
Sunset Vizslas
What if it Never Stops???

Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone?

The invitation read 'Costume Party'

TENNIS, Anyone???

It's All Mine

It's A Marshmallow World

Sunset Vizslas
I asked Santa for a Tree House

Sunset Vizslas
Now Home in California
Sunset Vizslas
Boise -- A New Home in a Perfect Setting
Sunset Vizslas
Safety in the Still of the Night

Sunset Vizslas

Tanner And Sugar

I'm Brand New In
The Big Lone Star State

Diego -- Looking Handsome In Brooklyn

We're all Texans

Look, Mom!

I'm Adrienne & my sleeping
partner is A Real Live Cat Caddy

Lily of Aspen On Her Fifth-Month Birthday.
 She's a Big Girl Now !!

Colorado's Newest Quail Hunter

Southern Hospitality

California Dreamin'

I Don't Care What You Say -- I'm Coming In!!!

Murphy of Tuscon 

Henry of Oklahoma  

Maggie and Mojo of Colorado  

Sunset Vizslas
Wind Beneath My Wings----
Sunset Vizslas
A bird with no feathers????
Sunset Vizslas
Henry in Oklahoma

Too Close For Comfort

Picture Perfect

Dear God --
Please help me remember to play
nicer with the monkey tomorrow

Maturity will get you 'Everywhere'

Good Rears are Verrrrrrry Important

Now What ?????

All three of us flew to Colorado -- What a Ride!!



Baby, It's Cold Outside

Winter Way Up North

Summer in Pennsylvania

They Call Me Jesse

 Strolling on the Beach

Enjoying The Sun-warmed Atlantic
Sunset Vizslas
Testing the West Coast Water

The Protector

Really Big Shoes To Fill

My job is to greet all goblins and give them a treat.

A Perfect Pumpkin

A Little Bit of Heaven

Playtime for Phoebe;


Bathtime for Sooner

Born to Make You Smile!!

Just Call Me 'Riley'

Run, Sammi, Run!!

T-Bar Country Vizsla
What a Hunk!!

Robin and Jessee --
both gorgeous redheads
T-Bar Country Vizsla
Showstoppers Mandy and Niko
T-Bar Country Vizsla
My New Florida Mom is Special

T-Bar Country Vizsla
Look Fast -- We can't stay like this Forever

Rommel and Family
Celebrating the Season

Christmas Girl

Buttering Up' Santa

I'm in Deep Trouble!!!

Enjoying A Whole Week
Of Attention

Congratulations To The Graduate-
Magna Cum Laude From Puppy School

Sluggo Napping in Brand New Home

No Stranger To The Shore

Cruisin' with Zack

Carlie and Bandit

Celebrating Cody's
First Birthday

I Hope That's Not MY Supper !!!

Label me 'Fragile'

Hide And Seek In Gulf Foliage

Let's Talk About Me

Love Story

I enrolled in Doggie Daycare --
And Look What I Found!!!!

Strange Bedfellows

I Flew To Canada on American Airlines --
And Look What I Found !!

Her owner says it took him ten minutes to teach her to
bring the morning paper -- and now it's a daily routine.

My New Dad

She Loves Me

Snow Angels

My New Mom

On Point


Not Funny

Happy B'day Sierra

Miss Peanut --
Learning to Listen

Sunset Vizslas
Good Night

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